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IM workflow - after approval timeout

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  • 1.  IM workflow - after approval timeout

    Posted 08-05-2019 07:08 AM

    Hi guys,

    we are having issue to show item in IM for when approval timeout is set up to 60 min, It works fine and when business user login its not showing in the user console task in identity portal.

        But when imadmin user login into identity manager and check in view submitted task its showing in-progress state at Business user, So how can we reject when time was expired?


  • 2.  RE: IM workflow - after approval timeout
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    Posted 08-05-2019 11:32 AM

    Are you asking for the task to fail automatically after 60 minutes?

    The problem appears to be that the timeout has been reached, but the actual task is still in progress.
    Are there multiple approver's that the approval moved onto?

    Is there a timeout on the actual approval in the workflow?  Maybe the 'Approve SMSC Application for BUOWNER' workflow needs a specific path to an end state when the timeout within the workflow itself.

  • 3.  RE: IM workflow - after approval timeout

    Posted 08-05-2019 12:24 PM
    Exactly! the OOB escalation approval workflow needs an escalation approver or as Michael mentioned an end state. It does not expire once the approval time out is reached. If you want to have an auto-reject after the time out is reached, then you need to create a custom workflow process. You could make a copy of the escalation workflow and change the last node in the process to auto-reject.