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Logs, CA Support, and FileZilla

  • 1.  Logs, CA Support, and FileZilla

    Posted Jul 22, 2016 03:14 PM



    You may notice you can upload / download files/logs from CA support site using embedded Java FTP tools (thin/thick).


    If you have MANY or LARGE files, it may be easier to use an FTP client tool to upload/download, especially a tool with a "re-get" option to restart any interrupted download.


    I prefer FileZilla, due to being open source, and may be used by majority of customers, as well as its streamline interface.    I use the CA support site as a secure file transfer process for large files and when customers have sensitive data that should not be transmitted via email.


    FileZilla - The free FTP solution



    There was a previous tech note, that appears to recommend the same tool, but the doc is in the Japanese language.

    Secure File Transfer and Storage サービス利用ガイド


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    Here is a view of how to use FileZilla to rapidly upload tickets to a CA Support Ticket.


    1.  Open a new or existing CA Support Ticket.     If using the CA Support Ticket for Services, use a Title similar to "File transfer for Services"  ,  note the Case # and Site #, as they will be used for FileZilla


    2.  Select the TAB  "File Attachments" and scroll down to the bottom of the screen.     Note the comments on the use of FTP(S) and/or SFTP.  Note the dynamic ports needed for FTP with TLS encryption (FileZilla)



    3.  Copy the section of ftp to notepad / textpad;   Open FileZilla and paste this info into SiteMinder.   Ensure the tab "Advance" is populated with the correct PATH without the hostname.       Note:  The userid (email address) and password will be your CA SupportID userid (email) and password.      No anonymous connections are allowed to tickets.



    4.   FileZilla (on 1st connection) will display the TLS certificate from CA Support.   This will ensure that uploading/download files are secure.



    5.  After connection, you will now be able to see your files, on CA Support site (right panel) and download (or upload) as needed.  




    /0999888/22233344-01/files_from_ca      (Typically used to download patches / hot fixes / sandbox / etc. )


    /0999888/22233344-01/files_from_customer   (Typically used to upload logs / images / screenshots / health-check info / etc.)




    *** ***


    You may also use Filezilla to download the CA Solution ISO image, after they have been selected and placed into a shopping cart.  Once the shopping cart shows up in your email address, use filezilla to download via the instructions in the email.


    FileZilla - The free FTP solution