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How do I redirect back to the originating application after an IDM self registration?

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  • 1.  How do I redirect back to the originating application after an IDM self registration?

    Posted 01-18-2016 10:17 AM

    We have many applications protected by Siteminder (12.52) and using IDM (12.5SP15) to allow users to manage their accounts.

    The application have their own URLs like:






    When a user attempts to access an application and doesn't have a siteminder/IDM account there is a link (e.g. on the login page to take them to IDM to go through a self registration process.

    At the end of the process the user is currently taken to a static "your account has been created" page, and it's up to the user to navigate back to the application they initiated the self registration process from.


    What we would like to do is to have that last page in the IDM Self Registration redirect the user back to the application they came from, or at least provide a link back to that application the user could follow.


    What is the best way to accomplish this?

  • 2.  Re: How do I redirect back to the originating application after an IDM self registration?
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    Posted 01-19-2016 01:44 PM

    Embed a Self-Service Link in a Corporate Web Site

    To allow access to a public self-service task from a corporate website, you can add a link to any web page. When a user clicks the link, a task screen opens. When the user completes the task, they are redirected to the User Console by default.

    To change the page to which users are redirected, you can append the task.RedirectURL tag to the URL associated with the link as follows:

    <A href="http://domain/iam/im/public_alias/ui7/index.jsp?task.tag=tasktag&amp;task.RedirectURL=http://domain/redirect_URL">link text</A>


    The fully qualified domain name of the web server in the environment where CA IdentityMinder is running.


    A unique string that is added to the URL for access to public tasks.

    Public tasks are self-service tasks, such as self-registration or forgotten password tasks. Users do not need to log in to access public tasks.

    Note: For more information about public tasks and aliases, see the Configuration Guide.


    The unique identifier for the task. To determine the task tag, use Modify Admin Task to view the profile for the task.


    The URL to which users are directed after they submit the task.

    For example, you can redirect users to a Welcome page after they self-register.

    link text

    The text that users click to access the target URL.

    For example, a company can add a link that allows users to reset a forgotten password and then directs them to a welcome page.

    The following HTML represents an example of link text:

    <A href=" index.jsp?task.tag=ForgottenPasswordReset&amp;task.RedirectURL= welcome.html">Reset My Password</A>

    To return users to the page where they accessed the self-service task, specify RefererURL as the value of the task.RedirectURL tag as follows:

    <A href="http://domain/iam/im/public_alias/ui7/index.jsp?task.tag=tasktag&amp;task.RedirectURL=RefererURL</A>