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CA NFA 10.0.2 and CA PC 3.7.6 integration

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  • 1.  CA NFA 10.0.2 and CA PC 3.7.6 integration

    Posted 12-09-2019 03:44 AM
    Edited by Manish Arora 12-09-2019 03:45 AM

    I have a setup where NFA & CA PC are integrated , the environment has a load balancer which is managing the virtual IP for CA solution in this case, the customer has done configuration of the virtual IP (LB) which translates to CA PC IP with port 8080.

    First, I wanted to change port as per the Ssoconfig file below but it did not worked, am i missing something?

    Second,  do i only need only get the load balancer configured for CA PC IP only or do i require to get the config done for NFA console also in load balancer.

    SSO Configuration/CA Performance Center/Performance Center:
    Web Service Scheme: http
    Web Service Host:
    Web Service Port: 8481
    Web Service Inventory (Version 1): /dm/inventory
    Web Service Data Source Admin: /dm/ds
    Web Site Scheme: http
    Web Site Host:
    Web Site Port: 8080
    Web Site Path: /pc/desktop/page
    SMTP Enabled: Disabled
    SMTP Server Address:
    SMTP Ports: 25
    SMTP SSL: Disabled
    Email Reply Address:
    Email Format: HTML
    SMTP Username:
    SMTP Password:
    Web Service Inventory (Version 2): /dm/inventory2
    SMTP Authentication: Disabled
    Allow Performance Center in a frame: Enabled


  • 2.  RE: CA NFA 10.0.2 and CA PC 3.7.6 integration
    Best Answer

    Posted 01-07-2020 12:05 PM
    Looks like you are in the wrong section of the SsoConfig.exe tool.

    You want to go into the Single Sign on section.

    By default the log in page for CAPC uses port 8181 and I am not sure if it uses 8080 for anything else.

    As for configuring this for NFA as well, it depends on how your users will log in, if they only log in to CAPC and drill down to NFA, then you would set this as a Local Override on CAPC so the setting doesn't get pushed down to NFA, otherwise you would use a remove value in the SsoConfig and it would push it down to NFA.

    However using port 8080 for the login page for NFA will not work as that port is in use by some other NFA Web Services.  I would check with CAPC support before doing this change, if CAPC is using port 8080 for another web service this may not work.