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Spectrum Global Alarm ID

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  • 1.  Spectrum Global Alarm ID

    Posted 01-09-2019 12:45 PM

    I would like to add a custom column to my alarm list by referencing the Global Alarm ID, for example, 5a9f4542-8575-10d6-07dd-00801028160d. How can I do this since I do not know the attribute or base that have this list of Global Alarm ID?


    Today when I need to know the Global Alarm ID I need to visualize the Alarm table. So I'd like to make it easier.

    Global Alarm ID list



    Heitor Cortat

  • 2.  Re: Spectrum Global Alarm ID
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    Posted 01-09-2019 01:05 PM
    Edited by Silvio Okamoto 28 days ago

    Hi Heitor,


    These are the steps to customize the OneClick Console XML file to display the "Integer Alarm ID" and "Global Alarm ID" in the Alarms TAB.


    If the $SPECROOT/custom/alarm/config/alarm-table-config.xml file do not exist you can create it as follows:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <table idref="alarm-table-config">
    <name>Integer Alarm ID</name>
    <name>Global Alarm ID</name>

    Save the file.


    Launch a new OneClick Client and you will see the "Integer Alarm ID" and "Global Alarm ID" in your alarms column.


    Additional information:


    Adding columns to OneClick Alarm View - CA Knowledge 




    The following table defines commonly used attributes where an attribute ID is expected.

    Constant Attribute
    AttributeID.NETWORK_ADDRESS Network Address (ID 0x12d7f)
    AttributeID.MTYPE_ID Model Type Handle (ID 0x129ab)
    AttributeID.MTYPE_NAME Model Type Name (ID 0x10000)
    AttributeID.MODEL_OBJECT Model Handle (ID 0x11f53)
    AttributeID.MODEL_NAME Model Name (ID 0x1006e)
    AttributeID.MODEL_CLASS Model Class (ID 0x11ee8)
    AttributeID.CONDITION Condition (ID 0x1000a)
    AttributeID.DOMAIN_ID Landscape Handle (ID 0x129ac)
    AttributeID.DOMAIN_NAME Landscape Name (ID 0x11d42)
    AttributeID.MAC_ADDRESS MAC Address (ID 0x110df)
    AttributeID.DEVICE_TYPE Device Type (ID 0x23000e)


    You can use the constants defined in the following table for alarm attributes:

    Constant Alarm Attribute
    AlarmAttrID.ACKNOWLEDGED Acknowledged (ID 0x11f4d)
    AlarmAttrID.ALARM_FILTER_MH Alarm Filter (ID 0x12a56)
    AlarmAttrID.ALARM_ID Full Alarm ID (ID 0x11f9c)
    AlarmAttrID.INT_ALARM_ID Integer Alarm ID (ID 0x4820067)
    AlarmAttrID.ALARM_SOURCE Alarm Source (ID 0x11fc4)
    AlarmAttrID.ALARM_STATUS Alarm Status (ID 0x11f4f)
    AlarmAttrID.CAUSE_CODE Cause Code (ID 0x11f50)
    AlarmAttrID.CAUSE_LIST Cause List (ID 0x12a05)
    AlarmAttrID.CAUSE_TITLE Cause Title (ID 0x4820020)
    AlarmAttrID.CREATION_DATE Creation Date (ID 0x11f4e)
    AlarmAttrID.CLEARED_BY_USER_NAME Cleared By User Name (ID 0x11f51)
    AlarmAttrID.IMPACT_SEVERITY Impact Severity (ID 0x1290d)
    AlarmAttrID.OCCURRENCES Occurrences (ID 0x11fc5)
    AlarmAttrID.ORIGINATING_EVENT Originating Event (ID 0x1296e)
    AlarmAttrID.PERSISTENT Persistent (ID 0x12942)
    AlarmAttrID.PRIMARY_ALARM Primary Alarm (ID 0x11f54
    AlarmAttrID.SEVERITY Severity (ID 0x11f56)
    AlarmAttrID.TROUBLESHOOTER Troubleshooter (ID 0x11f57)
    AlarmAttrID.TROUBLE_TICKET_ID Trouble Ticket ID (ID 0x12022)
    AlarmAttrID.USER_CLEARABLE User Clearable (ID 0x11f9b)