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  • 1.  Spectrum Global Alarm ID

    Posted Jan 09, 2019 12:45 PM

    I would like to add a custom column to my alarm list by referencing the Global Alarm ID, for example, 5a9f4542-8575-10d6-07dd-00801028160d. How can I do this since I do not know the attribute or base that have this list of Global Alarm ID?


    Today when I need to know the Global Alarm ID I need to visualize the Alarm table. So I'd like to make it easier.

    Global Alarm ID list



    Heitor Cortat

  • 2.  Re: Spectrum Global Alarm ID
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jan 09, 2019 01:05 PM
    Edited by Silvio Okamoto Oct 17, 2019 06:17 PM

    Hi Heitor,


    These are the steps to customize the OneClick Console XML file to display the "Integer Alarm ID" and "Global Alarm ID" in the Alarms TAB.


    If the $SPECROOT/custom/alarm/config/alarm-table-config.xml file do not exist you can create it as follows:


    <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
    <table idref="alarm-table-config">
    <name>Integer Alarm ID</name>
    <name>Global Alarm ID</name>

    Save the file.


    Launch a new OneClick Client and you will see the "Integer Alarm ID" and "Global Alarm ID" in your alarms column.


    Additional information:


    Adding columns to OneClick Alarm View - CA Knowledge 




    The following table defines commonly used attributes where an attribute ID is expected.

    Constant Attribute
    AttributeID.NETWORK_ADDRESS Network Address (ID 0x12d7f)
    AttributeID.MTYPE_ID Model Type Handle (ID 0x129ab)
    AttributeID.MTYPE_NAME Model Type Name (ID 0x10000)
    AttributeID.MODEL_OBJECT Model Handle (ID 0x11f53)
    AttributeID.MODEL_NAME Model Name (ID 0x1006e)
    AttributeID.MODEL_CLASS Model Class (ID 0x11ee8)
    AttributeID.CONDITION Condition (ID 0x1000a)
    AttributeID.DOMAIN_ID Landscape Handle (ID 0x129ac)
    AttributeID.DOMAIN_NAME Landscape Name (ID 0x11d42)
    AttributeID.MAC_ADDRESS MAC Address (ID 0x110df)
    AttributeID.DEVICE_TYPE Device Type (ID 0x23000e)


    You can use the constants defined in the following table for alarm attributes:

    Constant Alarm Attribute
    AlarmAttrID.ACKNOWLEDGED Acknowledged (ID 0x11f4d)
    AlarmAttrID.ALARM_FILTER_MH Alarm Filter (ID 0x12a56)
    AlarmAttrID.ALARM_ID Full Alarm ID (ID 0x11f9c)
    AlarmAttrID.INT_ALARM_ID Integer Alarm ID (ID 0x4820067)
    AlarmAttrID.ALARM_SOURCE Alarm Source (ID 0x11fc4)
    AlarmAttrID.ALARM_STATUS Alarm Status (ID 0x11f4f)
    AlarmAttrID.CAUSE_CODE Cause Code (ID 0x11f50)
    AlarmAttrID.CAUSE_LIST Cause List (ID 0x12a05)
    AlarmAttrID.CAUSE_TITLE Cause Title (ID 0x4820020)
    AlarmAttrID.CREATION_DATE Creation Date (ID 0x11f4e)
    AlarmAttrID.CLEARED_BY_USER_NAME Cleared By User Name (ID 0x11f51)
    AlarmAttrID.IMPACT_SEVERITY Impact Severity (ID 0x1290d)
    AlarmAttrID.OCCURRENCES Occurrences (ID 0x11fc5)
    AlarmAttrID.ORIGINATING_EVENT Originating Event (ID 0x1296e)
    AlarmAttrID.PERSISTENT Persistent (ID 0x12942)
    AlarmAttrID.PRIMARY_ALARM Primary Alarm (ID 0x11f54
    AlarmAttrID.SEVERITY Severity (ID 0x11f56)
    AlarmAttrID.TROUBLESHOOTER Troubleshooter (ID 0x11f57)
    AlarmAttrID.TROUBLE_TICKET_ID Trouble Ticket ID (ID 0x12022)
    AlarmAttrID.USER_CLEARABLE User Clearable (ID 0x11f9b)