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Fatal error, SPC-OCC-10257: The user has no privileges in OneClick

  • 1.  Fatal error, SPC-OCC-10257: The user has no privileges in OneClick

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 06-28-2017 10:10 AM

    A small number of customers have been getting the following error (or similar) on 10.2.x recently.

    Fatal error, SPC-OCC-10257:  The user has no privileges in OneClick.


    This has been seen when upgrading fault tolerant, DSS systems.  It is usually caused by the OneClick server finishing the upgrade before the MLS been upgraded or the MLS has not yet finished the upgrade.  To workaround this, please let the MLS SpectroSERVER finish upgrading and then restart the OneClick server.


    In one issue, this was not the case and the above resolution did not work.  It was during the upgrade of a fault tolerant  pair of SpectroSERVERs, both with a OneClick server.   In this situation, the primary was the MLS and the secondary was the backup MLS and both servers were shut down for the upgrade.  After the OneClick and SpectroSERVER of the MLS, had been fully upgraded and restarted, the error was seen.  The secondary had not been upgraded and was still shut down.  The only way to work around it, was to remove the backup Location Server from the Spectrum configuration of the OneClick web administration and restart the  tomcat service. 


    Oneclick Configuration web page



    Once the secondary had been upgraded and turned back on, the problem was resolved and the backup location server could be added again.  CA support are currently investigating why this happened.