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CA Spectrum - South Bound Gateway Integration

  • 1.  CA Spectrum - South Bound Gateway Integration

    Posted 06-13-2017 08:27 AM

    Hello Everyone,


    So i got a request to map some traps coming from dynatrace. SO i configured it as i usually do (Tried in Appdynamics case and it worked  ) but now it's somehow failing and i dont know what is wrong. So i would like your help to get me through this  


    Below are the steps which i performed : 

    1. Uploaded the MIB and mapped the incoming trap with a event code (no severity defined)

    2. Changed the default var bind that comes after maping the trap for ex:  in alert map file one oid is written as (1,0) so i changed it to (111, 0) and the same i did event config too (In event configuration console). I did this so i can have a unique value for which the event models can be created

    3. Created a copy of the original event so i can trigger a new event with new alarm title

    4. Performed override of scope in event configuration for both the events to "EventAdmin"

    5. Wrote a event process for thr orginal event  and invocation of the other event which goes as this : 

    0xfff000e9 E 30 A 5,0xfff000e9 P "CreateEventWithVariables ( { C CURRENT_MODEL }, { H 0xfff000e8 }, SetEventVariable ( GetEventVariableList(), { H 0x12b4c }, Append ( { S \" DynaTrace -- Server= \" }, Append ( ToString(GetEventVariable({U 4}))))))"


    0xfff000e8 A 1,0xfff000e8,1


    0xfff000e9 - Original Event 

    0xfff000e8 - Copy of original event which i'm using for new alarm title

    Note : Till now all the changes are made to EventDisp and AlertMap in SPECTRROOT/custom/events/ 


    5. Made the changes in AlertMap and EventDisp file at gen_app_gw/events location. Copied the same the content from the alertmap file (from custom/events location) and EventDisp file added the the two event code i.e. 0xfff000e9 and 0xfff000e8


    6. Updated the event configuration from one click spectro server pane


    After doing all of this, results are as follows : Events Models are created as per unique value though Event description blank i.e. no value is updated.


    I performed the exact steps in case of appdynamics and it did worked but now i dont know whats wrong. 


    So can you anyone please shed some light on this and help me resolve it (quite critical for me   ), I have attached the AlertMap, EventDisp (before and after the changes), disperr (log file created for event processing error n such)  and snap of the alert or event that i get after all this (Event Snap file)


    Reagrds and Thanks in advance for your time



  • 2.  Re: CA Spectrum - South Bound Gateway Integration

    Posted 06-27-2017 08:54 AM

    Hello Ankur,


    Please open a case with CA Support, then we can assist you with the problem.

    Use the same description and attachments.


    Kind regards,


  • 3.  Re: CA Spectrum - South Bound Gateway Integration

    Posted 07-19-2017 03:54 PM

    Take a look at this. It's very similar to your needs I think Southbound Gateway