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  • 1.  Dynamic asset name in SD

    Posted 09-09-2016 01:27 AM



    An third party NMS sending an trap to Spectrum which is getting model on single event model in Spectrum.

    When we create a ticket in Service Desk it will get assign against event model as its the only model available for all those traps.

    Q: can we dynamically read the actual source of trap from the incoming trap and pass it to setscript for SD and map that in service desk against asset field?



    Ajit C

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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 09-09-2016 08:20 AM

    Hi Ajit,


    Create a EventAdmin model type that represents the third-party (NMS) system sending alerts/traps to CA Spectrum.

    Specific events from the third-party system are sent to the EventAdmin model. The EventAdmin model receives these events and transfers the event data to EventModels or device models depending on how the integration has been configured. Alarms can be created from this event data.


    Please take a look at the Southbound Gateway Toolkit guide for further information:

    Southbound Gateway Toolkit - CA Spectrum - 10.1 and 10.1.1 - CA Technologies Documentation