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  • 1.  Getting 400 Error Using Link On REST

    Posted 03-01-2016 12:28 PM

    I am using the URL - http://host:8080//spectrum/restful/models  - to pull model data from Spectrum (with the applicable XML to go with it).


    If I set throttle size to 20,000 the first batch of 20,000 works fine.  But when I use the link href to pull the URL for the next batch - http://host.net:8080//spectrum/restful/models?id=eddb9401-5c3d-460c-86f6-e53a12609880&start=20…  - I am getting a HTTP 400 error.  I am not reformatting the URL at all - just taking it verbatim from the results provided in the first batch.  My initial call to REST is a PUT and for subsequent calls I am using GET.


    If I shrink my throttle size down to 2,000 I do not encounter the problem.  I am trying to understand why I can pull 20,000 in the POST but not the GET.


    I am, gradually, increasing the throttle size in an effort to find the "sweet" spot that gets me the most entries per batch (decreasing the REST call overhead).

  • 2.  Re: Getting 400 Error Using Link On REST
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-27-2017 06:07 AM

    Please upgrade to the latest Spectrum version (Currently Spectrum 10.2.1) and retry this command. If you are still seeing this problem, please open a support case with CA Support.