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  • 1.  Migration from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 Community String.

    Posted Feb 26, 2016 02:16 AM


    In our Environment we have approx 6000 devices & Monitoring the Same through CA Spectrum using SNMPv2 Community string.

    Now, all the devices are migrated from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3.(Only change in Community string & no any changes in IP address, mtf file etc).


    Now we want to configure all the devices in spectrum again to start monitoring through SNMPv3 Community string. So, what will be the steps?

    As per our understanding we can change the same through Attribute Editor. Also What will be the impact it we change the Community String.

    Do we need to rediscover device again?

    Any impact on old data?


    Thanks & Regards

    Chaitanya Gokhale

  • 2.  Re: Migration from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 Community String.

    Posted Feb 26, 2016 03:00 AM

    Configuring SNMPv3 is more than changing the Community string and using the Attribute editor. Look over the SNMPv3 support in the docs:


    You need to define user/password pairs for authentication and privacy and SNMPv3 profiles in Spectrum before being able to use it.

    AFAIK you can re-discover the device without loosing the original model (with SNMPv2), but note that (as the docs point out) SNMPv3 puts additional workload on the polling and general performance since it uses encryption for communicating with the device.

    If you have SNMP write rights, then you need to make sure that you add the necessary rights for the SNMPv3 user used by Spectrum.

  • 3.  Re: Migration from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 Community String.

    Posted Feb 26, 2016 03:39 AM

    What if :


    -> Configure V3 profile which you as intended to be

    -> Open Discovery console , import the device IP information that needs re-discovery

    -> Select V3 - with profile you have configured for the same.

    -> Run discovery gain, this would let Spectrum to reach the device with profile (v3) you've created and reconfigure the same. This would not let any loss in info (when it was V2) since model is updated and not re-created.(same model handle)




  • 4.  Re: Migration from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 Community String.
    Best Answer

    Posted Feb 26, 2016 10:07 AM

    You can just change the Community_Name attribute id 0x10024 on the model to the SNMPv3 community and it will work. No other configuration changes or updates need to be done. You do not even have to create an SNMPv3 profile. Just change the Community_Name attribute. The SNMPv3 profile is only needed for AutoDiscovery, Model By Ip, Model By Type and SNMPv3 trap processing.


    For example, my SNMPv3 credentials are as follows:


    User: AuthPrivUser

    Authentication Password: authpassword

    Privacy Password: privpassword


    I can manually change the Community_Name attribute to the following and save without creating an SNMPv3 profile and Spectrum will start using these SNMPv3 credentials to manage the device. No other configuration changes required.




    Yes, you can use the Attribute Editor to change multiple models at the same time.

    I do highly recommend creating an SNMPv3 profile with the SNMPv3 credentials for future modeling through the discovery process and for SNMPv3 trap processing.


    And yes, there is a performance hit when managing devices using SNMPv3. But this is all you need to

  • 5.  Re: Migration from SNMPv2 to SNMPv3 Community String.

    Posted Feb 29, 2016 03:43 AM

    Dear All,

    Thanks a lot for all your valuable comments.


    Thanks & Regards

    Chaitanya Gokhale