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[Spectrum] Is anybody running CABI 4.1 on WIN12 successfully?

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  • 1.  [Spectrum] Is anybody running CABI 4.1 on WIN12 successfully?

    Posted Jun 14, 2016 12:15 PM

    Hi Community,


    today I had the task to install CABI 4.1 on 2 different WIN12 SVR at different stages. Unfortunately both environments have shown the same anoying issues. Spectrum 10.1.1 is available at both stages.

    I have used the Spectrum 10.1.1 and CABI 4.1 documentation. Every steps (pre/post) were done as described over there.

    How to Install CA Business Intelligence (CABI) - CA Spectrum - 10.1 and 10.1.1 - CA Technologies Documentation

    CABI Installation on Windows - CA Business Intelligence - 4.1 SP3 - CA Technologies Documentation


    1. CABI 4.1 seems not to be able to handle hostnames with more than 15 characters:

    - the installation failed by starting the CMS initially

    - installation log is showing connection errors caused by wrong a wrong setup of  "<Servername>:6400"

    -> the lookup and reverse lookup is working fine for the hostname with more than 15 characters, but the CABI installation cut the name between character 15 and 16 and in result the connection credentials are wrong by an false host name


    + I had the chance to reinstall the CABI successfully by adjusting the host file - I added a duplicated entry for the hostname. One version with the complete characters, one version with the 15 character limit.

    I did not find any hint regarding this limitation in the CABI Install documentation.


    2. Both CABI 4.1 installations are not able to run any default Crystal Reports

    - the spectrum integration creates a new folder with several subfolders and reports, but the names of the folders and reports are empty (without any folder and report names, the navigation is a maze)

    - in the case i choose one of the unnamed reports, I get the same error message as already described in:


    - but the workaround does not solve this issue

    - even the post installation steps have no effect on this - from SRM site I do not get any error message regarding the content update

    - further more both CABI Server are showing configuration issues of the CMS Server (APS, ConnectionServer, CrystalReports2013ProcessingServer,CrystalReports2013ReportAppliance) - but without any detailed hint about any root cause


    3. The PostInstall Script does not finish in the case I choose the 3.3 migration option

    - in the case this script is running without the migration option, it will finish but with issues

    - in the case this script is running with the 3.3 migration option, it seems never to end up - even after 12hours the prompt is still showing the last password for the 4.1 CMS

    - some first WEBI reports seems to be migrated - at least they are visible in the 4.1 view

    - maybe this issue is caused by the root cause of point 2


    But back to my question, is anybody running CABI 4.1 integrated with spectrum 10.1.x at WIN12 Svr successfully?
    Has anybody seen such issues as well?


    Thanks a lot!

  • 2.  Re: [Spectrum] Is anybody running CABI 4.1 on WIN12 successfully?
    Best Answer

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Jun 15, 2016 11:15 AM

    Hi Andre,

    I have Spectrum 10.1.1 and CABI 4.1 on Windows Server 2012 running in my environment.

    The hostname of my server is 15 characters long.

    I didn't have a CABI 3.3 server to import from.

    It's working fine for me.


    Best regards,