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Set of Schedule maintenance user in events

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  • 1.  Set of Schedule maintenance user in events

    Posted 06-01-2016 10:59 AM

    Hi all !!


    A simple doubt, when Maintenance Schedule is created for any device, the author of  the Schedule job is "spectrum@oneclick-console", this is in the component detail of schedule model. But when the schedule start and the device is in maintenance mode, in events the user who set the device in maintenance is the another user, the real user logged in oneclick and who create the schedule job.


    Why this is different in events, should not it be "spectrum" user when a schedule maintenance mode begins or end. ?




    Diego MP

  • 2.  Re: Set of Schedule maintenance user in events
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    Posted 06-01-2016 01:40 PM

    I ran a couple tests in the lab. It seems that no matter which user I log in as and create the schedule, the "Creation Author" is the Spectrum Super User (the user that owns the Spectrum installation). The user specified in the event is the user that actually associated the schedule to the model. So, if my Spectrum Super User is "spectrum", I create the the schedule as user "Joe" the "Creation Author" is "spectrum". If I associate the schedule (created by "Joe" and authored by " spectrum") to a model while logged in as user "Diego", when the model is placed into maint mode, the user in the event will be "Diego".

  • 3.  Re: Set of Schedule maintenance user in events

    Posted 06-03-2016 11:14 AM

    Thanks for reply Joseph, so the user in events will be the user wich associate the scheduled to the device.

    Will be a good idea have a special event message when the device is put into maintenance automatically. Because sometimes operators ask "why the device is in maintenance??" to the user saw it in events, and the other user reply that he has not been and was because the scheduled associated.


    Diego MP