Prevent starting new threads without intention

  • 1.  Prevent starting new threads without intention

    Posted 03-07-2019 03:34 AM



    We've been using FlowDock at my previous workplace at Deveo/Perforce (they are still using it). I loved the threads implementation, no other chat app has it figured out the right way.


    When I joined kaliber5, I have persuaded the team to switch to FlowDock.


    We are happy with it but we have one huge issue. We also had it back at Deveo/Perforce.


    New users, not yet experienced with the concept of threads, tend to start new threads while trying to reply. It happens ALL THE GODDAM' TIME! The rethread button does not help much since users ignore it.


    I see a simple and efficient solution: remove the text input field from the flow view. The text input field should only be available in the individual thread view.


    Instead of the input field, the flow view should have a "Start new thread" button! This button would bring the user to an empty flow where they could write their first message.


    It would make it obvious to users which thread they are writing to and prevent broken conversations that happen multiple times EVERY FRIGGIN' DAY!


    This feature could of course be optional and disabled by default. But the option must be team-wide and enforced to all users, otherwise it won't be helpful.


    Thank you for your time. Please implement it ASAP, this is a huge flaw in the app UX.