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REST API rate limit

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  • 1.  REST API rate limit

    Posted 11-30-2018 12:07 PM

    We do have a bot for reminders and various other things we need and it is hitting the rate limit every now and then.
    Is there an exact number available regarding the limit? Also would it be possible to get that raised? Seems to be quite low for the amount of users some organizations have.

  • 2.  Re: REST API rate limit
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    Posted 11-30-2018 01:21 PM

    This would likely require a support ticket and an inquiry to dev/ops to help determine what the limit may be.  Additionally I would assume that the nature of the calls (queries), frequency, database load and amount of data being returned would all play into this as well.  Thus rate limits may be variable and difficult to get a definitive handle on. 

  • 3.  Re: REST API rate limit

    Posted 11-30-2018 01:29 PM

    It would be nice if you could forward this issue. As said, the limit feels quite low no matter what time of day. If a lot of users request something through the bot then it hits the limit and can no longer answer for a couple minutes.
    If that is not possible then some numbers would help to create a queue within the bot if it goes over the limit.