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Is there a way I can "archive" a flow (set it to read-only)?

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  • 1.  Is there a way I can "archive" a flow (set it to read-only)?

    Posted 06-21-2017 09:57 AM

    We have a Flowdock flow that contains some information people might need to go back to for research/history, but no longer want people to add anything to it. 


    Is there a way to set a Flow to "read-only"? It can have/keep the same members, but nobody should be able to post in that flow any longer.



  • 2.  Re: Is there a way I can "archive" a flow (set it to read-only)?
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 06-22-2017 04:23 AM

    Hi Steve,


    Unfortunately, I am afraid that is not a current functionality that would set the flow as "Read-only".

    If you are the creator of the flow and admins of the org, you should able to disable the flow data via https://www.flowdock.com/account -> Go to the flows link. After that, no user could be added to the flow and no one could post anything.

    And if you are the member of flow, then you can export data from the same place. FD will send you a link to download the zip file for the flow. That zipfile contains a messages.json file with all the messages, and a folder which then contains all attachments.

    PS: the flow just can be export when it is active. 


    I can certainly understand how an improvement of this functionality is beneficial and would like to encourage you to promote this idea in General: Top (574 ideas) – Customer Feedback for Flowdock