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Adding Credential Groups Via CLI

  • 1.  Adding Credential Groups Via CLI

    Posted 19 days ago

    Can anyone help me with adding Credential groups via CLI. ​everytime i try to run what i have, i get Invalid role ID.

    example of what i am using:

    cmdName=addUserGroup UserGroup.description=Test"UserGroup.roleID=1009 UserGroup.groups=1473

    full run

    CM Group DOES NOT EXIST [testing_GR_1] - Adding it
      Executing  [ F:\CAPAM_CLI\remoteCLI-3.2.4\capam_command.bat adminUserID=cliuser adminPassword=4lU8F6x3r81H3R  cmdName=addUserGroup
    1 " UserGroup.description=Test"UserGroup.roleID=1009 UserGroup.groups=1473 > F:\CAPAM_CLI\remoteCLI-3.2.4\powershell\xml_out\Add_testing_GR_1.xml]
      FAILED TO ADD CM Group [testing_GR_1 Test] - ExitCode:3978 PAM-CM-0875: Invalid role ID. AddUserroupCmd.validateParamters  unable to insert userGroup: no roleid set.

  • 2.  RE: Adding Credential Groups Via CLI

    Posted 2 days ago
    Hello Rafael, This works fine for me. At least in the text you pasted here you are missing a space character before the "UserGroup.roleID" substring. I assume you role ID 1009 and target group ID 1473 is correct, you would find those with the searchRole and searchGroup commands.