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wildfly port 11099.

  • 1.  wildfly port 11099.

    Posted 13 days ago



    I have a questions for ports, used via wildfly when they install Enterprise Management Server on Windows.


    Looking through the below page, I understood port 11099 should be used for Naming Port.


    I'm sorry but could you roughly tell me the role of naming service?


    Also, checking the below page, I found no description for port 11099.


    Is port 11099 used only when PAMSC installation?

    In other words, 11099 is not used during normal operation time?



    UCHIDA Akio

  • 2.  RE: wildfly port 11099.

    Posted 13 days ago



    I believe this port is only used internally for Wildfly services not directly called by PAM SC specifically. This is not required to be opened at the firewall since it is not accessed remotely so it would not be on the page you listed. To confirm this I did run netstat on a live PAM SC machine and you can see only local java connections are created


    C:\Windows\system32>netstat -an |findstr 11099

      TCP              LISTENING

      TCP        ESTABLISHED

      TCP        ESTABLISHED

      TCP        ESTABLISHED

      TCP        ESTABLISHED

      TCP    [::]:11099             [::]:0                 LISTENING


    So, yes this port s used and required but no it does not need to be opened outside the machine itself. You can read more about this port and how it is used by Wildfly on Wildflys  website.


    Joe Lutz

  • 3.  RE: wildfly port 11099.

    Posted 8 days ago

    Hello Joe,

    Thank you for your kind explanation.
    I got it.

    UCHIDA Akio