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ABOUT: AWS Elastic Load Balancing Incompatibilities

  • 1.  ABOUT: AWS Elastic Load Balancing Incompatibilities

    Posted 11-17-2020 03:11 PM
    Edited by Sebastiano Alighieri 12-01-2020 01:23 PM
    I'm working on a project in which the client is deploying PAM 3.4 in AWS and wants to configure the AWS Classic LB in front of the appliances.

    The online documentation states that PAM does not support AWS ELB technology Cluster Deployment Requirements

    Based on the AWS Documentation, ELB supports Application LB, Network LB, Gateway LB and Classic LB  What is a Network Load Balancer?

    Are all types of AWS LB technologies not support by PAM or just a specific sub-set?

    And, what exactly is the problem / incompatibility - how is the AWS Load Balancing technology conflicting with PAM's own built-in LB logic?

    Thanks in Advance

    Services Architect
    HCL Technologies Ltd

  • 2.  RE: ABOUT: AWS Elastic Load Balancing Incompatibilities

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 29 days ago


    While AWS, Azure, and ESX have load balancing methodologies that have benefits, utilizing these may dramatically affect our standard load balancing methodology. We do not support these as they would require additional coding which may benefit using only a small subset of the CA PAM customers. If there is a specific benefit that you are hoping to achieve using these you should request an enhancement. 

    Joe Lutz