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Date/Time Configuration

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  • 1.  Date/Time Configuration

    Posted 01-05-2018 09:08 AM
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    Question: Is there any way to adjust or modify the time zone to reflect EST? Under > Configuration > Date/Time Configuration, I see where the Date and Time can be adjusted but I don't see where you can adjust the Time zone. We need this to reflect EST because of reporting that we pull. We're currently at version Xsuite 2.8.3.


    (See attached screenshot)


    Also if we upgrade to the latest version can this be adjusted during the upgrade?

  • 2.  Re: Date/Time Configuration
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    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 01-05-2018 09:23 AM

    Hi Fleming,


    I have converted this thread from a 'discussion' to a 'question' since that is the more appropriate thread type.


    To answer your question, yes it is possible to set a a time zone. Please note that this will only effect the way the GUI displays information. Information will always be logged in the back end using UTC or GMT (they re the same) time.


    It should also be noted that some parts of the product will base your time off the system time. For example the session logs do this and they will say "GMT -0500" or similar, where the -0500 part is the modifier for your timezone.


    Instructions on setting the global time zone can be found at this link, under "Set the Global Time Zone":

    Customize the Global Default Preferences - CA Privileged Access Manager - 2.8.4 - CA Technologies Documentation 


    Hope this helps,

    -Christian Lutz

    Support Engineer

    CA Technologies - North America

  • 3.  Re: Date/Time Configuration

    Posted 01-05-2018 10:49 AM

    Thank you, I believe this will work for what we're trying to accomplish.