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Cannot unseal software policy

  • 1.  Cannot unseal software policy

    Posted 9 days ago

    I found the thread on Broadcom that seems to have the solution to my problem:
    Broadcom Support Portal
    It is somewhat unnerving to include the thread and only see Broadcom Support Portal. But it should work.
    Anyway - this is its subject:

    And this is its content:

    Software policy is stuck is not allowed to edit/unseal/delete.
    The state column in usd_job_cont table will have an entry 196610 which means
    that the policy is locked. To resolve the problem, the state can be updated
    so that 2 bit is off. That means 196610 needs to changed to 196608.

    We have an Oracle database underneath ITCM.
    There, indeed, we could find the entry in the specified table with the value 196610:

    select objectid, state from CA_ITRM.USD_JOB_CONT where state=196610;

    OBJECTID                                                  STATE
    -------------------------------- ------------------------------
    64E7E625C8067A43B0D2A3E2A66485BA                         196610
    0CC002FFB96EB94FB23A7084B28C4C1B                         196610
    2 Zeilen ausgewählt. // 2 lines selected

    update USD_JOB_CONT set state=196608 where state=196610;
    2 Zeilen aktualisiert.  // 2 lines updated

    Now here comes the problem we have:
    Very shortly after that change, the old value is back, meaning it again contains the state of 196610.
    The change does not last.
    How come? We can see that this is exactly the policy in question. Your solution tells me to change the state value to 196608.
    But it always reverts to 196610.
    Would anybody know how to make the suggested solution last?
    Thank you

  • 2.  RE: Cannot unseal software policy

    Posted 9 days ago

    for some reason the change on the database lasted only about a minute.
    As I was not the oracle database administrator but the ITCM administrator I arranged for a webex-session with the db administrator.
    He then upgraded the table for this specific sw policy.
    I waited 10 seconds. Then I refreshed the ITCM software, the graphical User Interface, the ITCM client.
    Then the context menu for unsealing this software policy became available.
    So I unsealed it.
    This then changed its state in the db to

    I leave the answer for whoever runs into the same problem.
    The thing is you have to do it in real time, otherwise it reverts after a minute.
    Thank you.