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Tueasday Tips - CAM    Reversed Identity with Proxy

  • 1.  Tueasday Tips - CAM    Reversed Identity with Proxy

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted 06-18-2015 05:11 PM

      CAM is the highway (or underlying protocol) that all ITCM communication uses.


    If that highway is liter with traffic, it will slowdown all traffic going over that route.


    This slowdown can cause issues with Asset management and Software Delivery, so it is a good thing to check on.




    In the newer versions (R12.8 and R12.9) we have seen on many Enterprises,  Domain Manager's,

    and Scalabilities  issues with  a legacy piece of CAM.


    To see if you have that issue, you need to look at the CAM logs in the %cai_msq% folder,


    OR the CA\SC\CAM\logs folder or CA\SC\CCS|CAM\logs folder


    Look at the dgXXX file and look for the following lines:




    queue ***.***.***.***:4104 reversed identity with proxy ***.***.***.***



    To remove these errors either follow the following steps OR open a support case.



      1. Browse to %cai_msq% folder on that machine and verify whether CAM.CFG exists.
      2. If it does not exist, CAF STOP and camclose & cam start –c –l
      3. Run camsave config  to generate a save.cfg file.  
      4. Rename save.cfg to cam.cfg  
      5. Open CAM.CFG using notepad. Add the following under the 'Config' section:
      6.       *Config
      7.   Recycle CAM by running camclose & cam start -c -l   then CAF START



    Recheck the logs after a few hours and see if all the reversed identity with proxy messages are gone.



    If you have questions or if you run into any issues after doing the above, please enter a Support issue.