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SAP system copy automation

  • 1.  SAP system copy automation

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hi Guys,
    We are trying to automate the quarterly SAP system copy(System Refreshes) through Automation Engine. We came to know that a paid solution is available with the vendor called Automated system copy for SAP. However before we go that route we wanted to try and build such a workflow ourselves. So does anybody have any experience in building such a workflow to achieve this? Any tips would be appreciated.


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    Broadcom Partner
    Posted 6 days ago
    Hi Kumar,

    it should be possible to create your own workflow, jobs and other objects required because there are official papers available (i.e. and

    But considering the time it will take to walk through the documentation, create the business flow(s) in Automic, run tests etc. I believe is not worth the trouble. Does your employer really pay the effort "building and trying" your own solution?

    best regards,

    Capture Europe

  • 3.  RE: SAP system copy automation

    Posted 6 days ago
    Hello Kumar,
    The flow that can be built is an exact replica of your current processes that perform your refreshes, the value is the "hands-off" approach which significantly reduces the man hours required for each refresh, (usually estimated at 3 days for several team members). The reason it is a "Paid Solution" is that the Basis team assists in the customization of your ABAPs/SQL/OS jobs that will be required to run in batch, not manually, also several checkpoints along the process provide notifications of progress and assist with SLAs that can be setup. As it is known with all things SAP, there are many failure points and the Consulting team that implements these custom solutions for your environment are adept at providing the unique processes that will be required to minimize, (and address in flight), many breakpoints that again reduce your time commitment. I have assisted in these implementations and most solutions cut the refresh times down to less than a day each.

    BK Hudgins
    Data Center Automation Consultants DCAC