Automic Workload Automation

  • 1.  CAPKI for Windows Agent

    Posted 20 days ago
    I see different posting for UNIX CAPKI, but I decided to start with Windows CAPKI since my company does not allow root access to UNIX/LINUX server.

    I am at AE 12.2.2 HF3.  None of our Agents have CAPKI installed.  I've downloaded CAPKI installer 5.2.5 build 2.  I also have Service Manager Dialog 12.2 installed.  Before the installation of CAPKI, SMDi was indicating the Agent I am connecting to is Not secure(Outdated Service Manager in use or CAPKI not installed).  This is expected.  The version of the service manager on the agent server is 12.2.2. 

    I installed CAPKI and also set the SMGR_SUPPORT_LEGACY_SECURITY to 'N'.  I rebooted the server (not sure if just restarting the SM on the Agent server is all that is necessary).  I also reviewed the install log and found no issue.

    I started SMDi and was no longer getting the 'Not secure' message.  I started AWI and stopped the agent.  When I started the agent, I get the following 'NO DATA (end of file, invalid key, no message...). 

    When I start the SMDi and connect, I see the 'Secure (TLS 1.2) message when connecting to the same Windows Agent server.  I was able to start the Agent using SMDi.

    It is my understanding that AE's SM will use its own certificate but not recommended.  So no change there.  I didn't see any CAPKI entries in the AE .ini

    So what is causing AWI to get this NO DATA message when trying to start the Agent?​