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Forecast Bug in AWA Version 12.3.3/12.3.2

  • 1.  Forecast Bug in AWA Version 12.3.3/12.3.2

    Posted 20 days ago

    we've encountered a problem that the forecast in the Automic Automation versions 12.3.3 hf1, 12.3.3 hf4, and 12.3.2 hf1 does not work as expected.

    It seems that dependencies between jobs in a workflow aren´t interpreted correctly.

    We´ve created a test-workflow with 4 jobs for reproducing the issue:

    The dependencies of
    JOBS.UNIX.FORECAST.TEST.1-3 are set to ENDED_OK or else 'skip'. The end is set to ENDED_OK for both JOBS.UNIX.FORECAST.TEST.3 and
    JOBS.UNIX.FORECAST.TEST.4 or else 'abort'. You can see the dependencies of JOBS.UNIX.FORECAST.TEST.4 in the screenshot above.

    When forecasts for schedules, parent workflows and the workflow itself are created, the test workflow is interpreted wrong and even different in the schedule than in the parent workflow. 

    This is the outcome for the forecasts:

    As you can see in the outcome for the workflow itself (2nd forecast) and the parent workflow (1st forecast) JOBS.UNIX.FORECAST.TEST.4 is skipped but it should be ENDED_OK due to the settings we made in the 'time and dependencies' tab. The workflows' behavior at this point is right (ENDED_NOT_OK) because JOBS.UNIX.FORECAST.TEST.4 is shown as ENDED_SKIPPED.

    The outcome for the forecast of the schedule (3rd forecast) is being different. JOBS.UNIX.FORECAST.TEST.4 is also being shown as ENDED_SKIPPED (again wrong) BUT the workflow gets the status ENDED_OK at this time (even more wrong).

    In our opinion this is a major bug and needs to be fixed quickly. Has anybody come across the same issue?

    Best regards​​​

    Chris and @Stephan Schiller

    Application Manager/Admin