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SQL CONNECTION using T account Credentials.

  • 1.  SQL CONNECTION using T account Credentials.

    Posted 08-08-2019 09:36 AM

    We are using 11.2V, need to run SQL check on another SQL server ,Access for SQL server is given to a T-account ,by using it's credentials We are try to connect using connection object ,but it is showing error message like login failed.
    is it possible to connect to a database using connection object with T-account credentials.
    Till now we have used SQL user id for SQL jobs.Now ,we want to execute through T-acount.
    We haver also tried placing those credentials in login object.We have faced the same login failed error.

    Please Help us.


  • 2.  RE: SQL CONNECTION using T account Credentials.

    Posted 08-08-2019 09:50 AM
    ​Dear Mounika.

    Maybe I am entirely mistaken and everyone else is of course welcome to chime in.

    But while I think I know some stuff about Automic and SQL connections, I'd have no clue what a T-Account is. I googled it, and after ten(!) pages of links for T-Accounts as concepts in bookkeeping/accounting, and the odd missnomer for T-Online or British Telecom accounts, even various more specific Google searches such as "t-acount database" or "t-account login" didn't lead me to anything of substance.

    Thus, please don't mind me asking: is this T account a public concept? Even if so, it would probably enable more people to possibly post some hints or help out in some way if you could define this for the rest of us.

    We'd likely also need some more informations, such as: What is the exact error message, what agent do you use for this (SQL agent? OS agent) and is this job calling an external database client? It would probably be very helpful if you could post part of the code of, or a screenshot of the job.