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Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

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  • 1.  Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-20-2020 08:22 AM
    One again Support portal is redesigned and important information cannot be found anymore.

    Can anybody provide link to
    - compatibility matrix for Automation Engine and Request Management
    - component downloads for both

    Beside missing or changed links, also login to support portal has changed.

    2-Factor-Authentification is good, but the way it is implemented for CA support portal is not.

    Is there a way to avoid regular request of second key per mail?
    I know it from other internet portals that the second key is requested once and then saved 
    for a longer time in browser. This is missing here.

    Any help appreciated.

    Service Manager JobManagement

  • 2.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-20-2020 08:26 AM​

    As for the two factor auth, myself and others have alreday raised that in the "Watercooler" forum. Broadcom said it should not be enabled, and for the support portal it was disabled for a day, but now it's back. They promised to try to have it disabled but thus far, nothing. I don't think anyone is happy with it at this time.


    I will not respond to PM asking for help unless there's an actual reason to keep the discussion off of the public forums.

  • 3.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-22-2020 03:42 AM
    Broadcom claims that the Support portal has received enhancements. but this is not my experience.

    • The CA Automic Knowledge Base (old link here: " Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine&d=t&language=en&type=ALL&sortby=daten&page=1&typeofcontent=Knowledge Base Articles" is gone and now redirects me to
    • When I create a new Case for Support, the right hand side of the page used to show KB articles based on what I entered in the subject field. this is no longer the case.

  • 4.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-22-2020 12:20 PM
    Hi Keld,
    I see the KBs still populating; it's based off the Product and Subject.  The Search will get triggered on a space in the Subject.  Can you try other subject key words to see if it is working and perhaps just not finding content on specific key words?

  • 5.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-23-2020 12:18 PM
    Hi Christie, 

    I'm also experiencing this issue. I entered a subject of:

    set awi trace 1314

    But absolutely nothing was populated in the right hand pane where KBs should be. This was via Chrome. 

    I had to attempt logging in a few times (received a certificate error) for IE, but was finally able to get in. It also seems the response from the site takes longer via IE. Even still, the same issue presents (no KBs are populated).

    [Sr. Systems Engineer]

  • 6.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-23-2020 05:06 PM
    Hi Spencer,
    Thanks for the reply.
    When I search for those keywords, I don't see any KBs populated- which is an opportunity for us to create some!
    Thank you and keep the feedback coming.

  • 7.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-23-2020 05:03 PM
    Hi Keld,
    This is Christie and I replied yesteday but my profile name is rather odd.  Sorry!
    The Product page can easily be found under Enterprise divison and within the Search box or product page and here is the link:

    Please let me know if you have any further questions.

  • 8.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-23-2020 05:21 PM
    Hi Christie, 

    I appreciate you taking a look, but to me this means that the search isn't working 100% correctly from either of our sides. Check in with the Automic team technicians - there are definitely articles that relate to 1314 (standard error received when starting a Windows Agent with insufficient user rights) and setting the awi trace parameters. I know, because I've sent these articles to customers myself when I worked at Broadcom. =)

    I searched again, splitting the terms up - 1314 by itself does not return an article, and it absolutely should in my opinion. This article exists.  

    If I put in a Subject of "set awi trace", I do receive *one* link:

    However, all that this article does is state that if you are receiving this error persist through a restart, please set tracing - and then it links to a *different* knowledge article that didn't show up originally. When I navigate to the link directly in the knowledge article above, I receive an invalid certificate error. When I instead navigate to the following link by putting the referenced article number in place of the article I found, like so:

    I end up at the article I was searching for originally. If I didn't know the article existed, I'd have been hard pressed to find it (see: basically impossible). I switched my search to:

    Tomcat and AWI Tracing

    Since this is part of the exact article title, but search still came up with only the one (basically incorrect) result from above. 

    Looking forward to hearing back from you - thanks again!

    [Sr. Systems Engineer]

  • 9.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-23-2020 07:30 PM

    The "in case" search still seems dodgy - at BEST - as it doesn't come up with articles that I know exist (even using the precise article name). To find the articles, I had to navigate to:

    Then put in my search terms in the, "Search Support," field. By searching for 1314, the third article down is the one I'm specifically looking for:

    Windows Job ends with Error code '1314 (= A required privilege is not held by the client.)'

    Hope this helps.

    [Sr. Systems Engineer]

  • 10.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-27-2020 02:02 PM
    Hi Joachim,

    MFA is implemented to improve security on the Broadcom level. To avoid the security code prompt, you can check "Do not challenge this device" and verify it on the email authentication prompt. This should work mostly. If this is not working for you then let us know we can have our IT team look into it.


    Heena Tabassum
    Customer Care Community Admin

  • 11.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)

    Posted 01-28-2020 04:57 AM
    ​Hi @Heena Tabassum.

    I don't see any thing such as "Do not challenge this device"​. There is a box that says something like "do not challenge me again" but it also says, literally, for the next five (5) minutes! But that (thankfully) does not seem to reflect reality, authentication seems to be granted for 24 hours it seems, then one needs to perform the 2FA again.

    Also, people have brought rather substantial arguments against 2FA the way it's currently implemented, e.g. not being able to receive emails after a job change, because Broadcom seemingly won't allow to change their account email address. That, if true, is a big no-no. Oh, and also, the 2FA email is being classed as spam, because it originates from the domain, which has no reverse DNS entry. I can't really fault my companies' appliance for classifying that as spam. Other companies might toss that email straight away, I've seen that setup. Luckily we don't.

    @Jason McClellan said in this thread that he's looking to have 2FA disabled, but I'm not sure if that's still going on or if his last message is to be interpreted as this being a lost cause. I asked him for clarification today.

    I also maintain that one does not do 2FA for a forum that's openly searchable in Google and lets thousands of people post with fake names if they so desire. I don't secure my throw-away bicycle with a $600 lock and a three stage alarm system and a bite-happy leopard. Frankly, one does not slap inconviniencing measures with no prior notification on everything but the kitchen sink and expect no user backlash. That's what risk and threat assessment is for.

    To me this 2FA is just a nuissance at present time (still costs me less time this month than to argue about it. The entire year? Not sure). But the probability that someone won't be able to login to the (vital) support portal due to some issue with 2FA, with time, approaches one. And once that happens in an Automic emergency for somone, that WILL cause further backlash. Just a function of time really. If Broadcom wants to to 2FA, they should do it right. Configure the email systems properly and listen to our input.

    But pretty much all of this is just a rehash of what's already been said (and thus far frankly brushed off by Broadcom) because apparently I have OCD.

    Best regards,

    These contain very good advise on asking questions and describing supposed bugs (no, you do not need to go to StackExchange for Automic questions, but yes, the parts on asking detailed, useful questions ARE usually relevant):

    I will not respond to PM asking for help unless there's an actual reason to keep the discussion off of the public forums.

  • 12.  RE: Automic Supportal (Annoying changes / missing links)
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    Posted 02-05-2020 04:46 AM
    Edited by Christoph Rekers 02-11-2020 11:11 AM
    Totally aggree with Carsten! A 2FA just doesn't make sense for a forum whose articals can be found by a simple google search and where "everybody" can create an account...And please let us be able to change the profile's e-mail address!


    Automic AE Consultant and Trainer since 2000