Automic Workload Automation

  • 1.  AWI(12.3.1) and ERT

    Posted 11-01-2019 11:46 AM
    I have an operator that misses having quick-and-easy access to the ERT(estimated run time) value when monitoring things.  The "details" display has a "Runtime" section, but they omitted ERT from this section.

    What do others do when they want to know the ERT of a running task?   (The new EET value is a good thing, but why take away ERT?)

    Options I've considered:
    1. Do the math in your head; subtract ST from EET.
    2. Open the object and navigate to its runtime information.
    3. Open the objects Executions list to evaluate its runtime history.

    Places they could have (should?) include ERT:
    1. the mouse-hover pop-up.
    2. The Details display.