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  • 1.  What are the AWA Windows Agent Prerequisites?

    Posted Mar 05, 2019 07:06 PM

    Completely underwhelmed by the install documentation, so please don't just reference that.  I've spent hours looking already.


    I have the automation engine (server) installed on server "A". 

    I want to install a Windows Agent on server "B".  But the prerequisites don't say what else is required on server "B" in order to install the agent.

    • Do I need the ServiceManager?
    • Do I need the ServiceManagerDialog?
    • Do I need to install CA.PKI?
    • Do I need to install the Utilities?

  • 2.  Re: What are the AWA Windows Agent Prerequisites?

    Posted Mar 06, 2019 02:55 AM



    Pls refer to the documentation.

    Just kidding :-) 


    And yes you are correct there is a quick Introduction missing like "What can I do with ...." in documentation.


    Basically the answer to your 4 questions is NO.


    With Service Manager a.k.a. SMGR you can start your Agents remotely and automatic when the system starts as it runs as service. At least 1 SMGR instance must run per agent machine.


    SMGR DIalog is the GUI for your SMGRs - you need it onlyonce on your personal PCor Laptop


    Capki ist just a security feature for SMGR from V12.2 up


    Utilities are used for DB operations (recurring Reorg with means of UC4, (un)load of transport cases, client deletion, client copy, load of servicepacks(initialdata), .....



    Best Practice is installing your Windows Agent and a Service Manager.


    cheers, Wolfgang


    PS: If you have further questions pls let me know.