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Modifying all jobs from a central standpoint

  • 1.  Modifying all jobs from a central standpoint

    Posted 01-08-2018 11:37 AM

    Have you ever lookked into the contents of directories HEADER / RESTART / TRAILER in Client 0 ? These 3 types of includes affect their related job type:
    • HEADER: is executed at the beginning of every job, before the actions listed in the Process tab.
    • RESTART : content is executed every time a job is restarted
    • TRAILER : is executed at the end of each execution, after the commands / scripts listed in the job's process tab

    As these objects are part of the initial data, it's not recommended to modify them directly because they will be overwritten during the next AE upgrade. You can still do so, but you will need to export them before upgrading your Automation Engine's database, and import them again afterwards.

    A safer approach is to create other include objects of your own. This is supported by default in the HEADER/RESTART/TRAILER includes, as they contain a reference to other include objects, with predefined names.

    Example: if you editHEADER.UNIX, you will see that there are some placeholders for 'HEADER.UNIX.USER.PRE', 'HEADER.UNIX.USER.HEAD' and 'HEADER.UNIX.USER.START'.

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    These objects are not delivered by default with the Automation Engine, but if you create them, their content will automatically be taken into account in all the jobs of the given type - Unix in this case.

    There are HEADER / RESTART / TRAILER objects for pretty much every job types, so this is a very easy way to add actions / modifications to all jobs from a given type.

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