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CA Automic - how consume REST

  • 1.  CA Automic - how consume REST

    Posted 01-14-2019 10:03 AM

    We have a question about how to use REST in Automic


    We have the URL below REST services:



    In it we have several services among them:
    • Insert
    • Release
    • Delete


    The way they work:


    Action name Supported Methods URI
    Create           POST            {number}/action/create


    I have the following parameter which I want to use in REST :


    ("Logical Domains Sparc") \n- VMs (Virtual Machines) \ n- "Logical Domains Sparc \ n" X86) \ n- including all the necessary configurations for your operation: \ na) storage \ nb) network \ nc) monitoring \ nd) management. \ N \ nOBS: RLIs will not be included for project attendance interventions. \ N "" Service ":" 266410 "," ResponseDatabase ":" c1282286 "," Title ":" [High-End]


    I've created a connector CONN pointing to
    I created a Job pointing to this CONN and using an Agent WEBSERVICEREST




    1. How will I use the Services as a variable within the workflow?
    2. How do I enter the parameter within REST?
    3. How do I get the result OK and transfer the result to a variable?