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"Search for use" shows "not visible"

  • 1.  "Search for use" shows "not visible"

    Posted 03-26-2018 10:55 AM

    Your question:

    We ran a "Search for use" on a promptest. This promptest is contained in one Workflow. But the search result shows it twice. And the second entry has the (not visible) added. What does that mean?

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    Our answer:

    In this case, the promptest is not only assigned to the workflow, but also a default value is supplied in the workflows "Variables & Prompts"-Tab like in the example below:

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    In such a case, the second entry with (not visible) appears. This is because our internal data structure and the way this default value is stored in the database tables. I.e. the result does not only show you, that the promptest is assigned to this workflow, but also that it has a default value supplied.