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z/OS - Job types - where does the job card fit ?

  • 1.  z/OS - Job types - where does the job card fit ?

    Posted 11-15-2016 04:34 AM
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    Let's see what the 3 types which can be defined in z/OS jobs really mean.

    1. Automation Engine (AE)

    All the job's content must fit in the Pre-Process and Process tabs.


    2. z/OS JCL


    The JCL has to be called from a file on the z/OS host. This file must be referenced in Runtime options > z/OS file name.


    When types "Automation Engine" or "z/OS JCL" are selected the job card will be built based on settings defined in the Runtime options :

    ai0tvadcnsiz.png" width="472">

    Even if the file already contains a job card, it will not be taken into account. This will still be added and interpreted as the job card. In this case the internal reader will detect 2 jobs, which will turn out in unexpected results.

    3. JCL incl. z/OS job card


    The JCL and the job card should be contained in the file referenced in the "z/OS file name" field.
    The process tab should be left empty.