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Database and PeopleSoft Supported Platforms

  • 1.  Database and PeopleSoft Supported Platforms

    Posted 10-09-2016 01:50 PM
    Looking at the Compatibility Checker, you may wonder the following:


    Why not MySQL?  The current choices are DB2, Oracle, and MSSQL.
    MySQL support is not included in V12.  It will probably be a few versions down the line before it is included.
    We make use of some of the detailed DB functionality in our existing supported DBs for scalability / performance, etc so we need to ensure that we can support MySQL in a way that would support a large installation.


    Currently, 32-bit PeopleSoft agent is only available.  When will the 64-bit PeopleSoft agent become available?
    We are currently planning the next Peoplesoft agent release so the 64-bit will be considered as part of this planning. No commitments just yet.