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Daylight Savings Time Change

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  • 1.  Daylight Savings Time Change

    Posted 10-27-2014 11:20 AM
    I was curious if anyone has any tips and tricks with the upcoming time change this weekend.  We are still relatively new with having Automic so we haven't had to deal with a time change as of yet.

    Is the Automic software aware of the time change?  My concern is if there is something schedule in between 1:00 am and 2:00 am that it will kick off a second time since that's the time frame we will see twice when the clocks go back.  

    If anyone that has been through time changes and has any tips or other knowledge I'd greatly appreciate it.

  • 2.  Daylight Savings Time Change

    Posted 10-28-2014 01:02 PM
    Daryl that's what I was hoping to see.  Thank you very much for the answer!

    Judith we got that e-mail as well.  I think we are good but we are going to change that on a few of our jobs that would benefit from it.

  • 3.  Daylight Savings Time Change

    Posted 10-27-2014 02:54 PM
    Hi Rob.

    I have been using Automic for around 3 months and I was wondering about the same thing.

    I got an email from support regarding that issue, not sure if you got it or not.
    Here's a link you might find some useful info, but I know it would be great if people could share their past experiences, so I will be stopping by for updates.

  • 4.  Daylight Savings Time Change
    Best Answer

    Posted 10-28-2014 09:54 AM
    It's actually quite painless (assuming you have your time zone objects set up correctly)!

    The schedule objects are designed so that they only kick off each entry in their list only once.  (You can put multiple instances of a given task into your schedule, but the schedule will kick off each entry only once.)
    This means at, say, 1:15am, your task will kick off as usual.
    At the "next" 1:15am -- after the DST fall back -- the schedule will see that your scheduled task for 1:15am was already started (and maybe even completed), so it will skip over it.  Effectively, nothing new will be kicked off by the schedule during that "second" 1am-2am window.
    If you think about it, this is the same behavior you see if you tell a schedule to do a 'go immediately' on a particular task -- that task will then be skipped once its regularly scheduled time comes along.

    For spring forward, the concept is the same.  When 2am becomes 3am, the schedule will see that all your tasks scheduled from 2am-3am haven't  yet been kicked off, so it will fire them all simultaneously.