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Tech Tip: How to Recover Deleted VTF Files (Agile Designer Flows) with Test Data Manager

  • 1.  Tech Tip: How to Recover Deleted VTF Files (Agile Designer Flows) with Test Data Manager

    Posted 10-17-2017 10:30 AM

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    If you have accidentally deleted an Agile Designer flow (VTF file), this document will outline the circumstances in which you will be able to recover it and how to do so. 

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    Unfortunately, if you delete an ARD flow without ever saving it to a file, it will be permanently deleted and there will be no way to recover it. For example, if you created a new ARD flow, never saved, and then closed ARD, the flow would be unrecoverable. If you opened an existing flow, made edits, did not save, then the flow will still exist, but the changes will not be saved. 


    If your flow had previously been saved to the TDM-Datamaker repository, then there is a possibility of it being recovered. If you have privileges to the gtrep database the repository is sitting on, you can review the database entry and see if the entry still exists. It is possible that there will be nothing to recover, but sometimes the file will still be there. 

    VTF recovery instructions:

    1. Log into SQLServer Management studio as an account which has privileges over the gtrep database. 


    2. Open the tables menu.


    open tables menu.png


    3. Right click on the table "dbo.gtrep_visual_flow" and click "Select TOP 1000 Rows".


    select top 1000 rows.png


    4. On the right hand side the results should be displayed. Find your flow, and take note of its "vf_clob_id". 


    vf clob id.png


    5. Click the "New Query" button. 


    new query.png


    6. Construct a query like this, using your own clob_id from earlier, and then hit execute: select clob_data from dbo.gtrep_clob where clob_id = 2091; 


    execute query.png


    7. Your results should appear below. Right click and save them to CSV.


    save results as.png


    8. In the CSV, if you have a lot of ARD XML, we may be able to recover the flow. Be sure to remove the CSV headers etc. and save the file as just the XML with a .vtf extension.
    - If the CSV is blank, then the flow is permanently deleted. 
    - Your XML may be encrypted, and if it is, you will need to send it to CA Support so that we can decrypt it or walk you through the decryption process. 


    10. Try to open the .vtf file in ARD.
    - If opening it fails, please reach out to CA Support, provide us with the file, and we will examine it further to see if there is anything that can be done to recover it.

    Additional Information:

    If you experience any further issues, please open a support case by going to or