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Static Page in UMP (8.5.1) w/ authentication?

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  • 1.  Static Page in UMP (8.5.1) w/ authentication?

    Posted 11-26-2019 08:35 AM


    Is it possible to put some static page into the UMP that is only accessible if I am authenticated?
    If I use, the WebContent-Portlet, the static html resides below https://<hostname>/html/<myhtml-file>

    What I hope to do is, using my UMP-Accounts to manage the access to that "myhtml-file", is that possible ?

    What I try to avoid is, building my own portal for some REST-Pages I fetch, with diagnostic, and I would like to see in the UMP for convenience.


  • 2.  RE: Static Page in UMP (8.5.1) w/ authentication?
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    Posted 12-02-2019 01:37 PM
    so there is currently no supported way to change the permissions on a file or this directory.
    but if you place the files in the wasp\webapps\root\jsp folder this is protected and will require authentication.

    Gene Howard
    Principal Support Engineer