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UIM SNMPCollector

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  • 1.  UIM SNMPCollector

    Posted 02-20-2020 12:35 PM

    Hi All


    I keep seeing this error in the snmpcollector logs.


    snmpcollector Discovery Controller unable to query for devices in PENDING and FAILED states: Database is already closed (to disable automatic closing at VM shutdown, add ";DB_CLOSE_ON_EXIT=FALSE" to the db URL)


    does anyone know what this means?



    Windows Server 2012 R2

    UIM 9.2.0

    SNMP Probe: v4.03

    DB: MS SQL Server 2017 (RTM) 14.0.1000.169 (x64)





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  • 2.  RE: UIM SNMPCollector

    Posted 02-20-2020 12:48 PM
    This is expected behavior that, the h2 db file will corrupted if we unexpectedly/forcefully kill the snmpc while it is updating the db operation.
    Example: if a device discovery is going on and we stopped/killed the snmpc while it is updating the h2db , in that case also the h2db file will be corrupted. Next reboot you see the above behavior.

    Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: UIM SNMPCollector

    Posted 02-21-2020 07:53 AM
    Hi Stephen

    Thank you for the feedback. My problem with this now is that the harddrive gets filled up to its max then the collector cant process after that.

    This is not happening on other collectors I have though.

  • 4.  RE: UIM SNMPCollector
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    Posted 02-21-2020 08:56 AM
      |   view attached
    Use snmpcollector version 4.03 Build 774
    - which now only creates four 1MB uncat.log files.

    Download the attached snmpcollector-4.0.3-HF2.zip and follow the steps below:
    1. Make a backup of the current ...Nimsoft\archive\snmpcollector.zip file
    2. Import the snmpcollector-4.0.3-HF2.zip to the UIM Archive and overwrite the existing build 763
    3. Stop the snmpcollector probe on the hub
    4. Delete all uncat.log* files from the snmpcollector folder
    5. Make a backup of the ..probes\network\snmpcollector folder
    6. Leave the snmpcollector probe in deactivated state and deploy the new snmpcollector probe build
    7. Activate the snmpcollector and monitor the total number and file size for uncat.log files.
    Expected 1MB files are uncat.log, uncat.log.1, uncat.log.2, uncat.log.3 and uncat.log.4.


    Support Engineer


    snmpcollector-4.0.3-HF2.zip   96.65MB 1 version

  • 5.  RE: UIM SNMPCollector

    Posted 02-21-2020 09:40 AM

    When will this be available in the "official" hot-fix site/list? or do I need to request it specivically from support?

    I cannot download software from a public discussion site. :)

    Thanks Andrew

    Knows a little about UIM/DXim, AE, Automic

  • 6.  RE: UIM SNMPCollector

    Posted 02-21-2020 09:43 AM
    Ill request that it be posted.


    Support Engineer