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Uninstall a hub

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  • 1.  Uninstall a hub

    Posted 11-27-2019 08:35 AM
    I am wondering how I'd properly uninstall a hub...  I have removed the robot, and this one is definitely gone. After removing the hub from ht hubs list in other hubs, the hub icon vanishes for a short time in IM, but it comes back after a couple of minutes. And the "delete" field is visible but not active over a right click on the hub... … so, how would I get rid of it in IM? Or will it automatically vanish after some additional time?


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  • 2.  RE: Uninstall a hub
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    Posted 11-27-2019 09:24 AM
    Hi Alex,

    Here is an arsenal of cleanup for Robots/Hubs which can be reviewed and executed.

    How to Completely Remove a Robot or a HUB from USM Inventory?

    How to effectively decommission UIM Robots

    How to delete robots in UIM when a VM with a robot has been powered off/decommissioned

    If a 'retired' hub's IP address is still pingable, then other hubs with broadcast enabled will find it.

    If the retired hub is powered off, then that entry is automatically removed from [hubs].

    If you stop the robot (hub) and delete the files, hubs.sds / robots.sds files and restart the hub, the files will be rebuilt from the hub infrastructure broadcast/discovery.

    Also, if applicable, make sure you uncheck all the boxes on the Name Services tabs of all hubs (and click Apply). Then remove the old hubs from each Hubs' Tab in the IM GUI.  hubs may take some time to clear. It may take more time than expected but the hubs should sync up.

    Moreover, you may have to restart the Primary hub to get rid of the hub once its removed as described above and after its removed from the hubs Tab in the IM GUI.

    Lastly, delete any/all queues pointing to the hub you want to eradicate since all hubs share their 'view of the UIM environment.' If you remove it from that view, it should be broadcast/synced up with the other hubs.

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