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cdm probe to monitor file share

  • 1.  cdm probe to monitor file share

    Posted 8 days ago
    Hi all,

    Just wondering if there's are any tricks to configuring the cdm probe to monitor a cifs file share? It seems easy enough to add use the add share option in cdm, adding in the share path with credentials:

    So far so good... I've also right-clicked each one and checked enable space monitoring.

    The edit screen for the archive share looks ok:

    However, the data share seems to be sending mixed messages:

    And OC only seems to show qos data for the archive share which is the one that looks correct in cdm. (the four instances are probably due to me wiping the cdm config 4 times and trying again).

    Just curious if I'm missing something... or if it's only designed to have 1 share added from each file server?

    Kind regards,