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Missing Linux Probes

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  • 1.  Missing Linux Probes

    Posted 06-01-2020 03:12 AM
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    Hi All,

    We have a linux robot installed (version 7.80 Build 7.80.3132) on 2 servers, when we deploy probes (any probe) they are installed suscessfully but the probes are not shown in AC or IM.
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    Nimsoft Version 8.5.1
    Linux Version CentOS Version 8 

    Your Professional help please :)


  • 2.  RE: Missing Linux Probes

    Posted 06-01-2020 03:20 AM

    Centos 8 is not yet supported  as per the compatibility matrix 


  • 3.  RE: Missing Linux Probes

    Posted 06-01-2020 03:42 AM
    Hello Franklin,

    Im seeing this:

    If i didn't understand correctly and its not supported what can i do to monitor this servers?

  • 4.  RE: Missing Linux Probes

    Posted 06-01-2020 03:54 AM
    There are some probes that isnt compatible with version 7.80, I recommend you upgrade the robot, Minimum to 7.93

  • 5.  RE: Missing Linux Probes

    Posted 06-01-2020 05:01 AM
    where can i get an .rpm file? 

    everywhere im going to download a file is in zip or asking for password

  • 6.  RE: Missing Linux Probes

    Posted 06-01-2020 09:04 AM
    A newer robot version should fix your issue, you will need a valid login to download from the broadcom site. Check with your sales contact for help if you do not have one. you could also register or try this self reset site. I think it works for everyone:


  • 7.  RE: Missing Linux Probes

    Posted 06-01-2020 06:33 PM
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    From my memory I think this version should fix your issue and is supported on 8.51.


    robot_rpm-7.97.zip   23.09MB 1 version

  • 8.  RE: Missing Linux Probes
    Best Answer

    Posted 06-01-2020 04:17 PM
    You will need to use the Robot 9.30 but to use this Robot, you will need to use UIM 9,20 or 20.1 to be supported.

    Technical Support Engineer