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  • 1.  General Availability Announcement for UIM 20.3.3 (Service pack over UIM 20.3)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 22, 2021 03:37 PM

    On behalf of the Broadcom (Enterprise Software division) Product Team, I am pleased to announce the general availability (GA) of Unified Infrastructure Management 20.3.3 (Service Pack over UIM 20.3) along with other critical fixes today.

    Patch has following key enhancement over UIM 20.3 (Patched with OC 20.3.2) based on feedback:

    Metrics Palette Enhancements

    Now user can define and save the metrics view, rename, copy, or delete the metrics view, export or publish the metrics views at the private, account, or public level. Set a specific metrics view as a default view and also configure the custom time period.


    Removing CABI Dependency (Native Operator Console)

    This release of UIM removes dependency on CA Business Intelligence (CABI) for rendering the following OC web pages. Home, Group view, device details and Monitored technologies (Probes) pages are now rendered by using HTML5.

     Custom and Out-of-the-Box dashboards and reports are still rendered using CABI; that is, they have a dependency on CABI. However, the native OC screens are no longer dependent on CABI (Jaspersoft) and are rendered using HTML5. This gives improved performance and actionable views for users to navigate and triage.

     Availability of Report Scheduler

    Re-introduction of report scheduler functionality that helps you schedule Metric views (Performance metrics) or Service Level Agreement (SLA) reports to run at specified times. The reports can be delivered as a PDF through email or FTP, or can be stored on a server. Furthermore, you can create, edit, delete, copy, and run jobs for the reports.

     Packages Signed with GPG-Enabled Keys

    This release of UIM provides the .rpm and .deb packages that are signed with the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG)-enabled keys. With this enhanced security mechanism, the integrity and authenticity of the packages are maintained. This helps you verify that the packages that you are using for installation are the same that you have downloaded from the Support site. You can, therefore, be assured that no modifications have occurred in the packages after they were signed, thereby providing the quality and security assurance of the delivered packages.

     Secure Transmission of Certificates

    With newer security issues coming up every single day, organizations understand the importance of products having robust security mechanism. This release of UIM has further enhanced its security by enabling the seamless transfer of the certificates from a hub to a robot over a secure channel.

    Now, you no longer need to manually drag-and-drop the certificates from a hub to a robot when using the secure bus. The complete process is automatically done without any intervention, which ensures that the communication is secure and the data is not tampered with.

     Ability to Change the Password

    As an account contact user, you can now change your own password. If the "Change Password" ACL is enabled for an account, then the associated account contact users can change their own password. This reduces the chances of your password getting compromised.

     Alarm Console Enhancements

    Enhancements have been made to the Alarm console:

    • Provides the arrival date information for an alarm..
    • Displays the date format based on the locale.
    • show the configured annotations in the Alarm Details section
    • Ability to access a specific alarm by using the alarm ID as a filter.
    • Access the alarms for a specific host by using the host name as a filter.
    • Hide Invisible and Include Invisible options for alarms in the Alarm console.
    • Added the ability to display alarms in the Alarm console based on the alarm filter conditions in the Dashboard Designer view.

    Asynchronous Distribution of Probes

    UIM 20.3.3 now introduces the asynchronous behavior for probe distribution mechanism, which ensures more robust and resilient deployments. This ability also helps you avoid intermittent time-out or communication issues with the deployment of the larger probes. Previously, while deploying the larger packages, distsrv and ADE were facing time-out issues, which was causing unsuccessful deployment of such packages.

    This functionality supports backward compatibility. For example, if you have an older robot, then the deployment happens based on the earlier (synchronous) behavior.

     Creating New Custom Dashboard Views

    You can now create new custom dashboard views using CA Business Intelligence (CABI) and add them to the OC Dashboards page. Therefore, in UIM 20.3.3, you can create these views in two ways: by using CABI or by using the already existing Dashboard Designer functionality.

     Data Maintenance Stored Procedures Enhancement

    For Microsoft SQL Server 2016 (or higher), the existing data maintenance stored procedures have been enhanced to enable the truncation of partitions directly from the table. This enhancement eases the data maintenance process.

     discovery_server Enhancement

    The discovery_server probe has been enhanced in this release. A new parameter (using_datomic) has been introduced. This parameter lets you decide whether you want discovery_server to use the udm_manager probe (Datomic).

     Group Management Enhancements

    Enhanced group management with added the ability to move groups along with devices from one container group to another. This helps you logically organize your groups. New group ACL permissions (OC Group Add, OC Group Edit, OC Group Delete) to provide the create, edit, and delete group permissions to the appropriate users. This ensures that only required users are allowed to perform the relevant operations.

    Group View and Alarm View Optimization

    The response time in the Alarm view and the Group view in the OC UI has been further optimized for better user experience and ease of working. 

     Improved Implementation of the Alarm Policy and MCS ACL Permissions

    With this release, the implementation of the ACL permissions for the alarm policy and MCS has been improved. Now, when you disable the Policy Management ACL permission for the alarm policy, the associated users no longer see the option to add, update, or delete an alarm policy. Similarly, when the OC Monitoring Configuration Service and OC Edit Monitoring Templates ACL permissions are disabled for MCS, the Monitoring Config gear icon is not enabled for the related users.

     Monitoring Configuration Service (MCS) Enhancements

    The following new parameters are now available in the MCS configuration: txn_timeout, audit_enabled, number_of_processing_devices

     Persist Maintenance Schedules in the nas Probe

    The nas probe now lets you persist the maintenance schedules even when the maintenance_mode probe is not reachable from nas. Also, while trying to reconnect, the previous schedules are not deleted and the alarms can be filtered even if the maintenance_mode probe is unavailable.

     Platform Support

    • UIM now supports Microsoft SQL Server 2019.
    • Robot 9.33/9.33S supports Ubuntu 20.01 LTS (Intel 64-bit).

    In addition, resolved numerous known issues and defects reported by internal stakeholders and customers.

     For more details refer to release notes : UIM 20.3.3 release notes

    20.3.3 Service Pack can be downloaded from here on Broadcom Support Portal

    This release is service pack over UIM 20.3, refer to deployment process 

    Product Manager - ESD - Infrastructure monitoring solutions
    CA Technologies (A Broadcom Company)

  • 2.  RE: General Availability Announcement for UIM 20.3.3 (Service pack over UIM 20.3)

    Posted Mar 22, 2021 07:52 PM
    Great thanks! 

    Any chance of grabbing some SHA-1 or MD5 hashes of these files? 


  • 3.  RE: General Availability Announcement for UIM 20.3.3 (Service pack over UIM 20.3)

    Posted Mar 23, 2021 06:26 AM
    Many thanks, I've installed it successfully.

    Is there an option to schedule SLA via email in this release? I've looked but cannot see an option.


    CA - UIM administrator

  • 4.  RE: General Availability Announcement for UIM 20.3.3 (Service pack over UIM 20.3)

    Posted Mar 23, 2021 07:42 AM
    You can schedule SLA via Settings - Report Schedule

  • 5.  RE: General Availability Announcement for UIM 20.3.3 (Service pack over UIM 20.3)

    Posted Mar 23, 2021 08:49 AM

    When will the ISO come out to be able to install 20.3.3 from scratch?

    If I understand well, is not needed CABI install ?

    Best Regards

  • 6.  RE: General Availability Announcement for UIM 20.3.3 (Service pack over UIM 20.3)

    Broadcom Employee
    Posted Mar 25, 2021 11:55 PM
    Please refer to following documentation for configuring email server to schedule job for sending SLA reports over Email 

    Product Manager - ESD - Infrastructure monitoring solutions
    CA Technologies (A Broadcom Company)