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Probes stop reporting QOS

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  • 1.  Probes stop reporting QOS

    Posted 02-26-2020 12:07 PM
    In some cases we've seen CDM probes stop reporting QOS data due to CPU pegged at 100% on host systems. Once CPU reaches 100% the probes effectively become useless. When the CPU spikes quickly, many times we don't get an alarm either. Monitoring for QOS data seems to be a way we can identify if there was a problem. We'd like to do this is a proactive manner. Robot Inactive alerts or net_connect ping checks don't seem to be sufficient.

    Is there a way we can monitor when a host stops reporting QOS data?

    The only way I've determined is querying the QOS tables and comparing the hosts reporting data for last ~1 hour versus a known list of hosts.

  • 2.  RE: Probes stop reporting QOS
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    Posted 02-26-2020 12:40 PM
    Yes, I think that is what you would have to do as there is no other place where the information about the QoS is persisted for you to check.

    Gene Howard
    Principal Support Engineer