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Device Certification Deployer 3.3 for UIM SNMP Collector Generally Available

  • 1.  Device Certification Deployer 3.3 for UIM SNMP Collector Generally Available

    Posted 05-26-2020 02:54 AM

    We are pleased to announce the general availability of the Device Certification Deployer, DCD 3.3 for UIM SNMP Collector. Starting with DCD 1.1, UIM customers no longer need to receive new device certifications via a SNMP Collector GA distribution.  Instead, our Unified Device Certification team delivers new and updated SNMP device certs via the Device Certification Deployer. Our independent DCD release schedule offers UIM SNMP Collector #users a simple and more expedient way to add support to monitor and manage a broader range of vendor device models.


    Note: DCD 3.3 requires SNMP Collector 3.21 or above.

    Added Certification Enhancements for the following devices:
    • Cisco ASA 5585 Ssp 20 9.6(4)12
    • Cisco ASA 5585 Ssp 60 9.6(4)12
    • Cisco WSC 6523 15.1(2)
    • Microsoft NT Server 6.3
    • net-snmp net-snmp 3.10.107

    Please check out the links below for more information about the new Device Certification Deployer (DCD) for SNMP Collector.

    More Information

     Where can I read more about DCD 3.3?
    Read more about the Device Certification Deployer, including a list of newly supported device models and enhanced certifications at our UIM Vendor Certifications page. 

     How do I apply DCD 1.x or 2.x to SNMP Collector? 

    Find instructions for deploying DCD 3.3 to SNMP Collector 3.21 or above here: device_certification_deployer

    How do I request new certification of my SNMP device for a future DCD release?

     In order to request a new device cert, all one needs to do is to provide a complete SNMP walk (using SAPro) from the device model that will need to be monitored as configured and the manufacturer's MIB file along with any specific OID, statistic, or metric requirement info via a new SNMP Collector Support ticket.  Support opens the request for development in the next available DCD release.

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