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Maintenance Mode via command line 2.7.1 (rest api)

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  • 1.  Maintenance Mode via command line 2.7.1 (rest api)

    Posted 11-14-2019 06:28 AM
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    The attached tool makes it possible to put servers in maintenance mode via a command line tool (via REST API calls)

    - list defined calendars

    - list servers/devices in maintenance

    - add server(s) in existing calendar (with server name)

    - define calendar and add servers, with the server name, directly in this new calendar

    - put an USM group into maintenance

    - list empty calendars

    - delete empty calendars

    - list expired calendars

    - delete expired calendars

    - remove servers from maintenance

     Doc file is included.

    Prereq: this tool uses the webservices_rest package that must be deployed to your UMP server.

     All remarks or ideas are very  welcome

     note: Perl source and compiled version are included


    Version 2.2:

    - add USM group in maintenance

    -  add regex selection of robots in maintenance

    - delete empty and/or expired calendars (only for MSSQL, if anybody with MySQL skills could translate them?)

    - tested and compiled on Centos7 & Windows 2012

    Version 2.4:

    - UMP/Rest http or https

    - add with(nolock) in sql queries

    - correct sql query to select USM groups

    Version 2.5:

    - remove servers from maintenance (in regex format)

    - a server that has multiple entries in the discovery tab (mutiple cs_ids) will have all entries added in maintenance

    - tested on UIM 9.0.2 windows

    Version 2.6:

    - option -ir"regex" makes it possible to set devices in maintenance based on the cm_computer_system table.  So you can put devices in maintenance that are not a robot.

    Version 2.7.1:
    - -ly: list expired schedules
    - dy: delete expired schedules
    - add parameter sql_driver in nimsoft_generic.dat so that its possible to install and reference "ODBC Driver 17 for SQL Server" that is compatible with TLS 1.2
    - tested with 9.2.0


  • 2.  RE: Maintenance Mode via command line 2.7.1 (rest api)
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    Posted 11-14-2019 08:00 AM
    thanks for sharing

    Gene Howard
    Principal Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: Maintenance Mode via command line 2.7.1 (rest api)

    Posted 02-19-2020 09:46 AM
    Hello Luc, where is the script? I don't see it attached.

    Daniel Blanco
    Enterprise Tools Team Architect

  • 4.  RE: Maintenance Mode via command line 2.7.1 (rest api)

    Posted 02-19-2020 03:26 PM
    Shows up for me at the bottom of his post and there is also a View Attachment link at the top.

    Support Engineer