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net_connect monitored hostnames into csv

  • 1.  net_connect monitored hostnames into csv

    Posted Jan 27, 2022 02:25 AM
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    Attached (small) LUA script will create a csv file with all monitored hostnames from your installed net_connect probes.

    History:  I had to verify from an unknown number of net_connect probes if a specific hostname was not monitored in duplicate

    To run this script:
    - verify if your discovery_server has the setting : (this will populate the sql table: cm_nimbus_package with all deployed probes)

    - copy LUA script into your nas script directory

    - from nas AO run the script (or uncomment the login and you can run the script via nexec with nsa)

    - script will create c:\temp\get_net_connect_config.csv (the name can be changed in the beginning of the script)
    note: this script is based on a previous uploaded example for the url_response probe