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Operator Console Loading Forever for Home

  • 1.  Operator Console Loading Forever for Home

    Posted 11-16-2020 07:57 AM
    Hi Team,

    Need assistance regarding operator console issue,

    Currently we finish upgrade UMP portal to Operator Console.

    But we facing an issue from our Load Balancer URL (https://ump.domain.net) taking long time  (Loading Forever) at Home.

    for your info.

    We have two ump server installed, and we can have no issue if we login to operator console directly from the local UMP server eg : http://server1.domain.net or http://server2.domain.net.

    We not facing any loading issue when use the both URL. the only issue is when we try to login by using https (LB URL). Is there any special or trick that need to configure to allow our customer/user to use the LB url for their daily working use.

    Screen from https://ump.domain.net

  • 2.  RE: Operator Console Loading Forever for Home

    Posted 11-16-2020 09:51 AM
    See answer to this question https://community.broadcom.com/enterprisesoftware/communities/community-home/digestviewer/viewthread?GroupId=1315&MessageKey=e143c981-3428-4e2b-98be-043cc469c580&CommunityKey=170eb4e5-a593-4af2-ad1d-f7655e31513b&tab=digestviewer&ReturnUrl=%2fenterprisesoftware%2fcommunities%2fcommunity-home%2fdigestviewer%3fcommunitykey%3d170eb4e5-a593-4af2-ad1d-f7655e31513b%26tab%3ddigestviewer

    It is the same answer, basically you have to put the cabi server behind the LB along with the OC server (and define the LB address to be the cabi server address inthe cabi configuration.  Good Luck :)

    Regards, Andrew

    Knows a little about UIM/DXim, AE, Automic