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Exec a stored procedure from nas in DB Oracle

  • 1.  Exec a stored procedure from nas in DB Oracle

    Posted 3 days ago
    Hi everyone...

    I am working to migrate UIM 20.1 to 20.3, and I have some configurations in nas / alarm_erichment for populate data in alarms. One of the configuration captures the ip, alias, interfaz and device name when an interface is operationally down. Due to the complexity of this, a stored procedure had to be created and executed from the NAS in "enrichment source / cmdbs" the SP call with the data coming from the alarm's met_id it's works. This in UIM 20.1 is working perfectly, but ... in UIM 20.3 no, the problem is I don't know how to call the SP for Oracle. I already tried the SP from an Oracle console and it works, but I am missing the call from nas.

    The call from nas that workiing (UIM 20.1) is ---->

    In UIM 20.3 I tried calling the SP in different ways but it didn't work for me...

    Exec sp_ip_interfaz (?, IP_Interfaz, Alias_Interfaz, Interfaz, dev_name)

    note: the "?" is the met_id from alarm

    Any idea for to exec a SP in Oracle DB???