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dirscan hostname variable

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  • 1.  dirscan hostname variable

    Posted 12-11-2019 10:35 AM
    Hi All,
    In the Dirscan probe profile description, is there any way to set up variables like in the message fields of other probes like logmon.  In particular we are looking for a way to set a hostname variable in the description.


  • 2.  RE: dirscan hostname variable
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    Posted 12-11-2019 12:14 PM
    Hi Patrick,

    Variables are not currently supported for the dirscan probe profile description field but you could enter an enhancement.



    Support Engineer

  • 3.  RE: dirscan hostname variable

    Posted 12-13-2019 11:12 AM
    Thanks Steve, i didn't think so, I had tried it before.  But I had to ask.

  • 4.  RE: dirscan hostname variable

    Posted 12-13-2019 01:08 PM
    You could add the hostname to the message using a preprocessor script - event.hostname will be available at that point and you could just insert it into the error message.

    Custom Pre-Processing
    The event table is placed into the LUA context prior to executing the "custom" pre-processing rule. You may alter (launder) the event by setting the fields message, level, sid, source, hostname, user_tag1, user_tag2, visible, custom_1 to custom_5, supp_key and origin. The following fields are present for the script to use:
    .source - source of the alarm (typically ip-address)
    .hostname - resolved name (robotname or ip-address to name resolution)
    .level - severity level (0-5)
    .sid - subsystem identification.
    .message - alarm message text.
    .origin - origin of the alarm (stamped by nearest hub, or in some cases the robot.)
    .domain - name of originating NimBUS domain.
    .robot - name of the sending robot.
    .hub - name of the nearest hub to the sending robot.
    .prid - name of probe issuing the alarm.
    .user_tag1 - user tag 1 (as set by robot).
    .user_tag2 - user tag 2 (as set by robot).
    .supp_key - suppression identification key.
    .visible - flag for visibility (true = visible)