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CA UIM integration with IGNIO

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  • 1.  CA UIM integration with IGNIO

    Posted 02-20-2020 08:18 AM
    Hi All,

    Does anyone has the experience of integrating CA UIM with a tool called IGNIO? We are currently working to integrate those tool and we need UIM alerts to be pushed to ignio REST API. CA UIM REST API need to be exposed to acknowledge/update the alarm by Ignio. I'm looking at using webservices_rest probe but never had any experience in working on REST APIs.

    Basically, here is the requirements:-

    • Alarms need to be PUSHED to ignio using "ignio REST API"(Will share once Non-Prod instance is UP & running) - It requires Configuration changes or Minor development efforts in CA UIM to PUSH certain set of Alarms to ignio.
    • Authentication Type: ignio RestAPI call requires token as part of JSON header. (Token will be generated and shared by ignio team)
    • CA UIM REST API need to be exposed to acknowledge/update the alarm by ignio (CA UIM REST API need to be shared by tools team)

      Alerts need to be Pushed to ignio REST API 
      Authentication  - Token need to be passed as part of JSON header. Will generate and share shortly
      Also, will share JSON Structure to be used.

      Appreciate if you guys can share how I could get CA UIM to send CPU and MEMORY alarms into Ignio using REST API.

      Thanks all.

    • 2.  RE: CA UIM integration with IGNIO
      Best Answer

      Posted 02-20-2020 08:37 AM
      This integration does not exist.
      the only thing I can think of that might get you close would be to use the messaggtw probe to send the alarms.
      then you have a second process that uses the REST api to close them.

      I would suggest you engage services to help with this custom integration as this is outside the scope of support.



      Gene Howard
      Principal Support Engineer