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No metrics Found in any robot (No nis_cache)

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  • 1.  No metrics Found in any robot (No nis_cache)

    Posted 05-30-2020 12:58 AM
    I have a problem with a new installation of UIM 20.1, in all robots directly in USM "Metrics" dont show the Information, instead show the message "No metrics Found", this behavior I saw when the CI_METRIC_ID from S_QOS_DATA and the one from CM_CONFIGURATION_ITEM is different, but in this case both is the same. Additional, In USM details I can't see information about Disk, it has happened to them?
    Dont show disk information in details Tab

    Dont show the metrics

  • 2.  RE: No metrics Found in any robot (No nis_cache)
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    Posted 06-01-2020 09:34 AM
    Hopefully this has cleared. It could be an issue seen in 8.51 with s_qos_snapshot timing if not cleared. I changed; lsv_sleep to 30 in data_engine raw config, restart data_enignie, wait about 2 minutes.

    More info here: https://knowledge.broadcom.com/external/article?articleId=132560

    Hope this is your issue.